Stick Family Picture Personalised (Template Only)


Personalised Stick Family Picture
Completely unique and a show stopping piece for the home.
The picture can hold up to 7 family members including family pets!

Family Name *

Please add the family name or state Our Family. Please write as you want this displayed for example:
The Willans Family or Willans Family or The Willans.

Family Details *

Please add all the family members details in the order you would like them listing. I will need the TEMPLATE NUMBER all the templates are within the picture files then the NAME then AGE (for sizing age not required for animals)
For eg Martin M2 (dad) Jackie L6 (mum) Vicky T16 (age 16) Rose G10 (age 9) Josh B1 (age 0) Tom D1

Glasses required

Please let me know if anyone needs glasses writing who in the comment box

Hair colour changes

If the template you selected needs a colour change I.e red or grey hair please let me know who

Sizing changes

Please any sizing changes
For eg. A younger child is taller than another. We descend sizing otherwise.


A4 Personalised Stick Family Picture Template

Personlise your Picture by adding the family surname if desired and select from our templates who matches the family members the best. Pictures of the choices are within the post pictures.

The pictures holds up to 7 family members and is created with everyone descending in size, if this doesn’t work for your design add the details in the comments box.

Details to add:

* Family Surname it you don’t want to add a family name please add The Family or Our Family.

* Select from our range of templates which family member suits which design.

* Add The Family members name this will be added underneath each person. Please also add any children’s/teenages ages this will help us gage the sizes the age won’t be added underneath.

Glasses can be added and hair colour changes just add in the comments.

 The dispatch time is 5 working days from ordering.
The pictures is posted using Royal Mail 2nd class recorded delivery.
Total wait time 7 working days.
Note this purchase doesn’t include a frame